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February 26, 2015
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March 9, 2015

Imagine the scenario: You see your dream home on a property website, book a viewing with the agent and instantly fall in love – just for the bank to take ages to come back to you on your loan approval. In today’s fast paced property market a minute is an hour and a day is a week, leaving most of us flustered by the speed at which properties fly off the shelf. If only there was a way we could know exactly how much we would be approved for, almost instantly.

Well, thankfully times are changing. Is it possible to approve a home loan within 5 minutes? The answer is “Yes”, according to Meyer de Waal, the CEO of My Bond Fitness and one of the biggest names in property. My Bond Fitness recently launched an innovative piece of software that is specifically aimed at all those involved in the property industry – from the buyers to the sellers, estate agents to property developers.

“We realised the property industry needs a complete change in how they do business. As all estate agents, mortgage originators and banks are losing millions of Rands in wasted time and administrative processes and, in fact, doing business the wrong way round. Sellers are equally frustrated as property deals are closed but then collapse as a home loan is declined.”Meyer de Waal

My Bond Fitness is changing the way we view property – for the better. The My Bond Fitness online platform not only helps you aggregate all the required information for an in-depth analysis of your financial profile, but also sets you on the path to owning your dream home by connecting you with a real-time instant pre-qualification report.

“We identified the need for buyers to empower themselves and turn around the way the process of buying a property will be done in the future,” De Waal explained. His vision was brought to reality by the team at Moneysmart. CEO Tobie van Zyl not only shares Meyer’s vision but also the need to educate the public on credit and safe lending: “We realised that we have to disrupt the old way of approving a home loan, but at the same time eliminate the risk of reckless lending.”

This revolutionary software has been through extensive testing and a thorough examination by a leading South African bank, ensuring all is in line with South African regulations. By using My Bond Fitness the future home owner will receive a fast and accurate report to indicate his actual purchase power, giving them a reliable, understandable and current reflection of their affordability and credit status.

While this software is a dream for the buyer, it also serves the needs of estate agents, developers and sellers. The ability to know if someone viewing your property is financially able to purchase it immediately eliminates all the doubt from the equation. Showing prospective clients properties you know they will be able to afford not only simplifies the job of the agent but reduces disappointment and makes for better customer service.

My Bond Fitness is simply the best way to buy a home in South Africa today. Not only will they help you obtain your dream home but do so in the easiest, fastest and most reliable way possible.

Go to www.mybondfitness.co.za

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