Egon Herrmann

February 25, 2020
Warren Wilkinson
October 21, 2020

Dear Meyer

Thank you for your willingness to do these sessions [property buying], the topics are very informative and includes information that isn’t common knowledge for many South Africans, including me.

With my lease agreement expiring soon, it is now the perfect time for me to decide whether I should renew for another year, move and rent a cheaper house, or rather take the plunge and buy a property. I feel that the nearly R250,000 that we paid for rent in just the last two years (plus another R200,000 in the previous town that we lived in) would have gone a long way toward paying off our own bond. Knowing nothing about attorneys transfer and bond registration fees, other hidden costs in buying a property, or how to qualify for a home loan however, I’m a bit stuck between a rock and a hard place at the moment, and this webinar was just what I needed.

Thanks again for the valuable information!

Best regards

Egon Herrmann

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