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The path to real estate industry recovery

The path to real estate industry recovery

All About Property
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

Posted by Facebook on Friday, December 5, 2014

Property Toolbox Launch on All About Property – DStv Home Chanel

Yilungelo Lakho: 10 February 2020

How to negotiate a lower interest rate

How to become a home buyer

You may have read many books, articles and asked yourself, how do I prepare myself for buying my own property?

We have now captured it all in a quick movie for you to watch

Watch our short introduction R2B Finance video

Home Ownership Education First Module
How to go about to buy your own Home

Home Ownership Education Second Module
The Benefits of Home Ownership

Home Ownership Education Third Module
Improve your affordability when you buy your home

Home Ownership Education Fourth Module
Find your home to buy

MDW Inc – Scope of services

Meyer de Waal in conversation with African Bank Radio

Update on the subsidies for first time home buyers.
Aretha Franklin will: validity of docs left behind is determined.
How to prepare and take care of your budget.
The Master’s Office is now online - but have things improved?
Personal Finance – Module 1 of 3 – African Bank interview
Introduction to the 3 part course on Financial Planning.
Creating and managing a personal budget
The benefits and importance of looking after your loved ones when you are no longer around - Interview 2
The benefits and importance of looking after your loved ones when you are no longer around
National Wills Week – How to go about to get your free will
De-risking the process for a property buyer
Bevan talking about Wills Week and MDW’s participation
Reporting an estate when a loved one passes on.
First time buyers – get your deposit and transfer costs through a FLISP subsidy.
What are the steps to follow when a loved one passes on?
Buying on an auction
Estate Planning and Estate Duty
Unpacking the different types of marriage structures
How to protect your minor heirs in your will
Breaking News - As from 1 April - The NEW benefits of a FLISP subsidy
How a deposit can improve your application when you buy a property
African Bank Radio Station- Meyer De Waal Interview 3
African Bank Radio Station- Meyer De Waal Interview 2
African Bank Radio Station- Introduction to Home Ownership
View Podcast +
View Podcast +
View Podcast +
Podcast: Real Estate Investment Structures
African Bank Home Ownership Intro
African Bank Home Ownership Part 2
Foundations Home Ownership
Meyer de Waal Home-Ownership
African Bank Radio Station - Episode 6
African Bank Radio Station - Best Profile
African Bank Radio Station - Buying Homes
African Bank Radio Station - Your Last Will
African Bank Radio Station - Credit Score
African Bank Radio Station - Home Ownership
How to subscribe for your own online will
What to do if a family member dies
How to get out of the rental trap
How to ensure that your will is signed properly to ensure it is a valid document
Estate Planning – Frequently Asked Questions
Buying a home? Frequently asked Questions
Importance of a Will – Free Wills week
The importance of estate planning when drafting your will
What first-time home buyers need to know about the Flisp subsidy
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