2013 Newsflash!

Selling your house? Remember your electric fence compliance certificate!
March 13, 2013
Seller’s prerogative to appoint conveyancer.
April 25, 2013



Big congratulations to Meyer De Waal on securing a weekly slot on the VOICE OF THE CAPE RADIO STATION.

Listen to Meyer de Waal on Voice of the Cape Radio Station every Tuesday night from 18h00 – 19h00 during the Legal Hour, during which various legal topics are being discussed.

Meyer De Waal has also recently made a valued contribution to the REAL ESTATE INVESTORS MAGAZINE – February issue.  Read these articles, “Do a due diligence on a property before you buy it” and his cover leading contribution “Don’t get hoodwinked”, online by <clicking here>.

Also read the new edition of Real Estate Magazine that will be out soon with a follow-up article.


Please be advised that our firm provides a professional administration service, whereby we assist with the administration of LONG term rentals.  We know very well what a nightmare the management of a single or, even worse, multiple properties can be for any Landlord.  Therefore, we would like to extend a kind hand by offering to assist you in the management on a hands-on basis.

Please contact Heila at heila@oostco.co.za or on 021 461 0065 for more information in this regard.


Affordability remains one of the biggest hurdles when trying to raise a home loan.

  • Find out if you can save thousands of rands on your debt repayment to improve your purchase power and affordability in order to purchase your own home.
  • Complete a FREE SURVEY to determine your current debt profile as you may need this to plan your way forward in order to get out of debt.

Contact us be sending your email to save@budgetfitness.co.za.

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