Reporting new estates – Fast-tracking deceased estates at the Master’s Office Cape Town

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CTAA Communication: 9 March 2015

Fast-tracking deceased estates at the Master’s Office, CT

We have been advised by the Master’s Office, Cape Town, that in order to ensure fast-track matters are processed with the least amount of delays, the following procedure relating to the preparation of files and sequence of documents should be adhered to.

  • A file cover – J.257- should be used in all instances.
  • A hole should be punched through both the front and back cover of the file and fitted with an Indian lace through each hole.
  • All reporting documents, in the sequence indicated in the document attached hereto, are to be filed using the Indian lace inserted through the hole in the front inside cover.
  • All correspondence should be filed using the Indian lace inserted through the hole in the back cover of the file. This will initially be the original letter under cover of which the estate is reported, as well as the pre-prepared J85 under cover of which the letter of appointment is returned to the applicant.
  • Since the front page of the file is also the title page of the estate, information of a permanent interest only should be clearly marked on the front as follows:

The full name(s) and surname of the deceased.

  1. When there is a surviving spouse, his/her full names and surname.
  1. If there is a predeceased spouse, the full names and surname of such spouse with reference to the estate number of the predeceased spouse and the Masters Office, if available.
  1. The letters “F / T” should be clearly indicated at the top left of the front file cover to distinguish it from other matters.
  1. The only other information appearing on the title page is cross references linking the estate in question to other estates, such as in the case of a deceased who was previously under curatorship or administration, or had an estate managed by a tutor, curator or administrator.

Any file lodged for appointment on the “Fast Track Process” which do not comply with the process as set out above, may at any time be referred to the ordinary process of a request for Letters of Executorship and or Letters of appointment

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