Stop Wasting Your Time, Get With My Bond Fitness Pre-Qualification For Your Home Loan

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August 13, 2015
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September 25, 2015

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Stop Wasting Your Time, Get With My Bond Fitness Pre-Qualification For Your Home Loan

“Disrupt and disturb,” Meyer de Waal, a conveyancing lawyer with 28 years of experience in the property industry said.

“We set out with the idea that we needed to change how things were done; to make them better for everyone – and My Bond Fitness was the result.”

My Bond Fitness is not your average loan aggregator. Not only is the entire process limited to as few steps as possible, but it taps into you real-time data and Credit Bureau Record to create the most accurate pre-qualification home loan certificate possible.

While there might be a few competitors out there, none operate in the way My Bond Fitness does.

The major difference is that all other products need you to declare your own income and expenses, which makes such assessments unreliable. My Bond Fitness takes the hassle out of the process by using your actual, live bank and credit data to make a more accurate prediction without requiring endless paperwork and guessing, on your behalf.

By automating everything we have been able to cut down on the time it takes for you to receive your pre-qualification,” Meyer explained. “Our process takes around 5 minutes total, with a few extra minutes if your bank is a little slow. Our competitors’ process can end up over 45 minutes as they make you complete the entire home loan application process. This means if you want to apply at two or three different financial institutions you’re looking at a serious chunk of your time.”

My Bond Fitness is entirely independent, allowing you the freedom to approach whoever you want for the actual loan after the pre-qualification process. Once you are ready to do so, the MBF Team can simply step in and submit the application on your behalf to the bank or mortgage originator of your choice.

Behind the scenes, My Bond Fitness incorporates the Limitless Technology Group API. The API not only authenticates the applicant’s identity and aggregates their credit and live bank data, but is also fully POPI compliant to offer the highest security possible.

“We wanted to keep the process as streamlined and quick as possible, while keeping to the National Credit Act requirements,” Meyer explained. “Partnering with Limitless Tech, an innovative and forwarding-thinking company, has helped us create the application we know will change how people pre-qualify and obtain home loans.”

Once the pre-qualification affordability and credit profile information has been completed, prospective buyers are offered the chance to indicate the area and type of property they are looking to buy. With this information, the My Bond Fitness team can help the applicant find a home through their network of contacts in the property industry, as well as assist in the final step of applying for a home loan through the bank of their choice.

“We know property buying can be a daunting task,” Meyer said. “The My Bond Fitness team are there to assist you every step of the way. We offer a full support service for home buyers who need access to the government FLISP subsidy, as well as a full educational package for those who are wanting to, or already, own property.”

My Bond Fitness not only aims to revolutionise the home loan process but how we buy property in general. For more information visit or contact Meyer de Waal on: 021- 461 0065 – 083 653 6975

021- 461 0065 – 083 653 6975

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