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March 10, 2017
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New Online Document & FICA Vault Service by MDW INC Attorneys to take the pain out of storing & finding important documents & FICA headache for their clients

The recent FICA Bill passed by the Government allows increased scrutiny of the bank accounts of “prominent individuals” into law. This will increase the FICA compliance requirements for all consumers.

Very often clients request certified copies of their own identity documents, trust agreements, company documents, final reconciliations of purchase and sale agreements and many more.

In our day-to-day engagement with trustees and beneficiaries of Trusts, home buyers and sellers and other clients, they all express their frustration with repeated or annual requests by financial institutions, estate agents, mortgage originators and property attorneys to provide FICA compliant documents as well as financial reconciliations when it comes to financial year-ends.

The new Online Document & FICA Vault Service by MDW INC Attorneys can now eliminate most of these headaches.

How does it work?

  • You provide once
    • You provide us once with your important original documents
    • We also store your important documents of your transaction with us – property transfer, commercial agreement, trust, will etc.
  • We upload
    • We upload your important documents
  • Secure
    • Documents stored on a secure & web based Vault file
  • View 24/7
    • You can “view” your documents at any time through a secure and unique username and password provided – log into our website
  • Request
    • You send us a request when you need an important document
  • Certify
    • We certify the required documents as a true copy [if we had seen the original when uploaded] if and when required
  • We send
    • We send it where it must go to

How much does it cost?

  • 2 Year MDW Inc. Document Vault package
    • R399.00
    • Up to 10 documents uploaded – R399.00
    • Contact Meyer for more information
  • 5 Year MDW Inc. Document Vault package
    • R699.00
    • More than 10 documents uploaded & reminder & extra services included Contact Meyer for more information

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