Non-paying tenants – are you tired of funding someone else’s lifestyle?

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August 1, 2017
Tired of paying rent with no assets to show for it?
August 1, 2017

So you invested your hard-earned money in a buy-to let property and found the perfect tenant. Well done!

Things run smoothly and everyone is happy. Fantastic!

Then the rental starts to be paid a few days late, followed by a week or two or perhaps no payment at all – with apologies that it won’t recur and or they’ll make good on it when they can. Or perhaps the perfect tenant has now turned into “I know my rights and good luck in getting me out” type personality – not so fantastic anymore, right…

Let MDW Attorneys take this potentially highly charged and very real matter off your hands – either before it gets to this point, or at any time thereafter.

What are we offering you? Simply put – peace of mind.

  1. Tenant background checks
  2. Drafting of air-tight lease agreements (especially in light of the popularity of airbnb)
  3. Investment of rental deposits
  4. Rental collections either by EFT or by means of our debit order service
  5. Accounting of monthly rentals received, interest charges, etc
  6. Liasing with tenant on any late / non-payment matters incl. advising of contract cancellation
  7. Drafting acknowledgement of debt where relevant
  8. Mediation and or litigation proceedings (letter of demand, summons, judgment, writ of execution against assets, etc)
  9. Western Cape only – sourcing a new tenant to replace your non-paying tenant

Don’t get pulled into funding someone else’s lifestyle – contact Debbie at MDW Attorneys without further delay at or on 086 999 0044.

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