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March 23, 2018
Can’t get a home loan? You can Rent2buy
April 23, 2018

Since its inception in March 2017, the Attorney Realtor Hub (The Hub) has already proven itself as a valued platform for many attorneys wanting to better serve their clients – in the form of helping to sell their clients’ properties, over and above the list of services already offered by their firms.

Hub members have access to cutting-edge technology and a vast net of cross referrals (through their own networks and clients); this is proving to be a very useful toolkit for many attorney firms and their clients, says Meyer de Waal – one of the founding members of The Hub.

In one year, The Hub has grown from the ground up, boasting 39 attorney firms countrywide, and 62 active users.

The Hub offers a full package: Attorneys, sellers and buyers can leverage the wide range of cutting-edge FinTech and PropertyTech tools and resources (all property tools facilitated and made available by the Attorney Realtor Hub), to achieve a sale at the best possible price, in the shortest possible time.

The 5 Silver Bullets in the Hub’s arsenal

SilverBullet#1 – Only cash or prequalified buyers are introduced to sellers. By using the My Bond Fitness bond prequalification indicator, interested buyers are screened when they perform their own online and paperless home loan indicator prequalifying process.

SilverBullet#2 – Property viewings have been revolutionised with modern technology via a virtual reality tour. Sellers are therefore only introduced to serious buyers, and do not have to put up with the inconvenience, disruption and security concerns of having a horde of possible buyers physically viewing the property for sale. Once the purchaser is identified as a “serious” buyer, an appointment will be made to visit the property.

SilverBullet#3 – Sales commission is a recommended fee of just 2.5% (VAT incl). Normally, a seller pays a traditional estate agent up to 7% commission on the home’s selling price (that translates into R70,000 on a R1m sale). Hub members are able to save sellers R45,000 per million just by working “smarter and not harder”. Huge overheads, days and weeks of effort needed to introduce prospective buyers to the property, and expensive advertising costs are eliminated by attorneys selling properties.


SilverBullet#4 – Access a huge pool of potential buyers. Working together gives fellow attorneys a large, national client database. Clients’ details are captured and managed on an electronic client relationship management (CRM) tool, which lists property sale mandates and properties for sale through the most advanced property listing technology available.

SilverBullet#5 – Rent2buy Finance. Innovative sale and purchase solutions for sellers, property realtors and home buyers are also available. Private funding for home buyers in the price range of R400,000 to R1,8m in Cape Town and Gauteng.

A qualified attorney as a property realtor assists sellers and buyers to negotiate and conclude the largest and most important financial transaction many will make in their lifetime.

The upcoming Property Buyer Show in Cape Town (21 to 22 April) is the ideal platform to showcase what Hub members can offer the public, whether they are buyers or sellers. The founding members, as well as a number of member firms, will be on hand at the show to discuss any property needs the public may have.

prop buyer show

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