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Five compelling reasons to invest on the KZN Mid-South Coast.

The appeal of South Africa’s Western Cape coastline—and. in more recent years, that of the KZN North Coast—has shown the massive potential such seaside locations offer investors. However, while these areas have become flooded in demand, the KZN Mid-South Coast is emerging as a top contender in terms of real estate investment potential.

The KZN Mid-South Coast has been overlooked when it comes to real estate development for far too long, and we are starting to see a massive rise in interest, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. There are so many advantages to investing in this area, and the launch of the 1 300-ha Renishaw Coastal Precinct has come at just the right time for investors looking to get their foot in the door on the KZN Mid-South Coast.

Renishaw Coastal Precinct is one of the country’s largest and most awaited developments, set to ignite massive growth along the KZN Mid-South Coast. This mixed-use development will include residential, retail, healthcare, educational, and light industrial/commercial zones.

It’s also a great indicator of the investment potential on the KZN Mid-South Coast for a number of reasons.

  1. Value for money

The KZN Mid-South Coast offers affordable investment opportunities, especially when compared with real estate on the North Coast.

House prices in Renishaw Hills—a mature lifestyle village forming the first development within Renishaw Coastal Precinct—have experienced a 50% escalation in just five years. The massive rise in property value means that investors are well-advised to consider moving fast while prices remain so competitive.

  1. Self-reliant and secure

The entire Renishaw Coastal Precinct is set to be completely self-reliant, secure, and sustainable, offering residents everything from secure water provision and sanitation to fibre optics, healthcare, and education.

Sustainability is at the core of the development, both in terms of construction and coexistence with the natural world.  Considering the energy grid uncertainty and climate change impact, a high level of self-reliance is a massive drawcard for investors.

  1. Accessibility

Location is everything, and the KZN Mid-South Coast has just that. It’s situated just 40 minutes from Durban off the N2, providing direct access via the national road to King Shaka International Airport. The relaunch of Margate Airport has enhanced the area’s accessibility, with direct flight access from Johannesburg.

The economic and administrative hub, Port Shepstone, is located nearby for those requiring business headquarters, while the region also has access to private healthcare facilities, retail facilities, and schools.

  1. Quality of life

Quality of life is central to the KZN Mid-South Coast, an area renowned for its laidback, nature-based lifestyle.

The region boasts several seaside attractions with Scottburgh Beach ideal for swimming, surfing, and sunbathing.  The area is also home to two of the world’s top dive sites located nearby—at Aliwal Shoal, and further south, Protea Banks—with an abundance of nature reserves.

Renishaw Coastal Precinct itself consists of 13 million square metres of land of which around 10 million square metres will be converted into conservation areas, reintroducing the lush indigenous coastal forest and grassland that once dominated the area. Wetlands, estuaries, coastal grasslands, rivers, and forests will form part of this precinct. This is a safe, tranquil environment for working and living.

  1. Heritage

The precinct is home to the Heritage Village, consisting of 35 houses originally built for farm employees. There is great potential to upgrade these homes and build additional units within this historical village.

There are also allowances for retail activities in the old Renishaw Mill area, overflowing with charm and potential for artisanal bakeries, coffee shops, restaurants, farm stalls, and even an events venue.

Other notable buildings with potential include the old Crookes Chapel, located within the Heritage Village, and the Old Mill building, both of which could be converted into a premier wedding venue.


  • Barto van der Merwe is the managing director of Renishaw Coastal Precinct.

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