5 Year term rent2buy units now available

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January 12, 2024
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One can now you can buy your own home like a car and even better, no bank finance application is required to get started.

The Rent2buy opportunity is available for a period of 5 years.

This opportunity is also available for buyers with a few minor credit score issues, which usually prevents them to get qualified for a home loan, who can now apply and secure their own brand-new home.

At the end of the 5-year term, the buyer can apply for a home loan and settle the balance with a balloon payment.

This unique opportunity is now available for 12 sectional title units of 80 m2, selling for R1 480 000.00, for a ground floor unit and R1 440 000.00 for a first-floor unit, in the Lanoag development in Ferndale, Randburg.

The monthly rental is R11 000.00 per month for a ground floor unit and R10 000.00 for a first-floor unit.


A portion of monthly rental will be used towards a deposit saver, which means, each month the buyer will also be making a down payment on the purchase price.


After 5 years the buyer can apply for a home loan for the balance purchase price due and then take transfer.


  • Affordability test first:
    • The first test for a 5-year R2B buyer will be to demonstrate that he or she can afford the rent buy installment of R11 000.00 every month.
  • Credit check second:
    • If the Rent2buy buyer has some credit score issues, the buyer will be assisted through the My Budget Fitness service to improve his or her score with the aim to qualify for a home loan 5 years later.


The purchase price is frozen for 5 years and reduces each month as you are paying rent.


Click here to view the Lanoag available units.



An aspiring buyer can do an own online and free Rent2buy pre-qualification quick credit and affordability check.

Click here to watch a video how to go about to register and to receive your online & free R2B pre-qualification certificate.

Click here to start: Rent 2 Buy Lanoag Indicator 




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